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Uncommon.  Extraordinary. Science Based

At Fortius, we are a movement based clinic that understands the needs of our clients to return to daily life and physical activity! Each client that comes in presents their own individualized symptoms and we approach each client with individualized care. Our clinic is a safe, open space with many different modalities (Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, & Manual Osteopathy) allowing us to collaborate and draw on many decades of experience. We want every patient leaving Fortius to feel like their needs were attended to and progress was made towards resolution. We take pride in the one on one attention we provide to every client.  Fortius is not your typical clinic, we operate in an open environment space so we may draw on the experience of all our therapists.  It is not uncommon that when special skills are required that you will have more than one therapist working on you (at no extra cost) in a single session to achieve maximum results.  Be prepared for a creative and uncommon approach to your sessions, in an open and fun environment.  If you have been frustrated in the past with physio, chiro or other modalities we are the place for you! if you are looking for a hands off, less personal approach then we are not the place for you!